Wednesday, 18 March 2009

Piggin' Out: CWZJ aka Tea House

Restaurant: CWZJ - Home of the Tea Kings (or more affectionately known as Tea House to my family and close friends)
Address: 8, Jalan 11/116B, Kuchai Entrepreneurs Park
Tel: 603-7981 8714
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One my family's favourite restaurants - for its simple, home-style cooking and the great quality of ingredients used. My sis and bro usually request for this place as their first meal home after 6 months of being deprived of good food.

My dad paired the meal with a rose champagne I recently bought at the airport after my Phuket trip. I wouldn't say it went very well with the tea (we had sui xin).

For starters we had deep fried pig's large intestines.

And deep fried minced tofu cakes. Ooh I always love anything with tofu in it.

We each had a very nicely marinated pork ribm served with a mix of mayo and Chinese mustard.

We had one garoupa, cooked 2 ways..

The first was plainly steamed.... steamed fish goes well with good rice (see below for sinfully delicious rice).

And the other part of the fish was deep fried. This was because some of our guests (and my mom included) are not fond of steamed fish (what a pity I'll say but it's okay cos then it's more fish for the rest of us!).

And here comes the piece de resistance: claypot rice cooked with crispy (and very unhealthy) pork lard and a dash of soy sauce. Altogether now.... *drool*

Ooohhh my arteries.... No wonder why Pa went to do a medical test and stress test this morning. It's all due to meals like these!


petrina said...

Looks good! Lol i don't even know where Kuchai Entrepeneurs Park is!! Is it in KL??

Petrina said...

Hi Petrina (and yes it's weird for me too, like talking to myself!)

Yup Kuchai is in KL... Along Old Klang Road so it's about 5 mins from my house without traffic. Hmm... will try to get a map to include next time!