Wednesday, 4 March 2009

Ice cream or afternoon tea?

The great debate in the office today was where should we have ice cream? And the reason for the celebration: I passed Module 19A! (the SC regulation exam for analysts). But the timing isnt right today for all of us to leave early and we just had an ice cream celebration 2 days ago at Gardens to celebrate Sunaina passing hers 2 weeks ago. So it is now scheduled for 2 weeks later when Ed gets back from leave.

Then I was reading Jen's recent post about afternoon tea at the St Regis Singapore and it made me remember our teenage days. Unlike most high school kids at that time, we didn't spend our Saturdays "hanging out" at places like 1 Utama and stuff (just doesn't fit our image, y'know). Instead, we had tea at the Ritz Carlton after an afternoon shopping at Starhill and Lot 10 (the Pavilion hadn't been built in those days or we'd be shopping there too).

I'd never thought at that time that we were brats at that time for doing that as it just felt normal to us. It was only during our London days that we talked about it and joked that we must have seemed like such spoiled brats then. All this being said while shopping in Selfridges and Covent Garden. Hehe...


Priscilla said...

......... You brats! :P Nahh, for me it's "us pigs": we'd meet up, walk to a restaurant and stay there for 2 hours, then pay, leave, and go to a Starbucks (or Burger King if Starbucks is closed) to sit down and talk for another 5 hours :P Yeah, and we're eating the whole way, too!