Monday, 16 March 2009

Knit update: Current WIPs

Internet's being a bit crabby at the moment so it took ages for these to upload.
And Flickr was being a pain too. As such, it's now way past midnight and I need to sleep (Monday blues again) so I leave you with the few pictures of my current WIPs.

The feather and fan stole:
I started on the second ball of yarn today. This is the project I currently carry around with me. You can't really see the changes in the colour very nicely in this picture but it's really pretty upclose!

The drawstring raglan (and the picture from IK Spring 2008):
Progress has stopped in the interim for this. I dont like to bring this project out since I really want to make sure that this comes out perfect (i.e. no mistakes)! Since this is a variation of the feather and fan pattern, I'm concentrating on the stole above first since I really want to complete it.

The Handsome Triangle from Victorian Lace Today:
Started this during my India trip but have yet to find back the mood to continue with this. Requires more concentration that I would usually have (I'm too tired by the end of the day to think when I knit, hence the really simple projects most of the time). But I love the colour of the yarn and the pattern.
The kusa shawl:
This is an even older WIP - started this during our Lourdes trip last June but have made little progress on it since then. It looks so soft and squishy though. I reserve this for short work training trips to Singapore where I can only afford to bring a small and light project along with me.


Priscilla said...

Oooooh I can't wait to see the drawstring raglan finished!! Also, that feather and fan stole... *squints* is that the yarn I got for you from iKnit? It looks so pretty when it's all knitted up!

Lol that triangle looks...... headachingly small! :P Good luck with that one!

*squeals* The one I'm most excited about is the kusa shawl!! I've been waiting and waiting and waiting for you to finish something with that Habu (is that right?) yarn! Oooooh can't wait to feel that squishy, fuzzy shawl....

Btw, I gots a blister on my right hand D: It's from when I baked that cake on Saturday night! I popped it, and drained it, but today, I woke up and the hole had closed, and rather than drying up, there was more of that watery stuff in it! Even worse, it'd gone all cloudy and pus-like ewwwww... Yeah, I popped it and drained it again >___<" If I thought it stung yesterday, that's nothing compared to now. I can't move my little finger without going "ow"!

Petrina said...

Yes the feather and fan stole is using that yarn you got me from iKnit. It's really pretty, much better than in the picture actually!

Ya wait for that Kusa shawl.... Hehe it's taking forever and ever...