Tuesday, 24 March 2009

Screwy internet at home

I'm having issues with the Maxis broadband at home. And Ma, Rommel and I have also had issues with Maxis 3G on our phones... *pffffh* It's been unstable for weeks... Sometimes ok, sometimes really bad. As in you cant make any outgoing phone call or send any sms. So annoying!

Which then explains my inconsistent blogging of late. When internet's fine, I blog a couple of posts, when it's not, I can't do anything, can I?

So anyway, it was a busy weekend for me. I took yet another shot in my attempt to emulate the domestic goddess aka Nigella Lawson.

Our Saturday schedule:

-Pa and Ma head to the wet market early in the morning to buy the ingredients for pan mee. I'm still in bed but I think I'm entitled to a little bit more sleep since I'm up much earlier than they are on weekdays.
-I wake up at 9am to the sound of the doorbell ringing. The RCIA volunteers arrive to help with "dressing up the teddy bears", as I call it since they were basically changing the colour scheme for over 900 bears and trimming the ribbons etc etc etc..
-Pa prepares his pan mee as the rest set off to "work". I, on the other hand, head out to do my grocery shopping since I was in charge of dinner.
-First stop: The Village Grocer at Bangsar Village where I got the steaks (3 wagyus and 3 black angus - all nice and chunky) and 10 lamb cutlets and a free range chicken and ingredients for mushroom soup and salad. Also bought the usual veggies and stuff for this week's consumption.
-Next: Cold Storage at BSC, because I couldnt find decent seafood in BV. Bought prawns (for the pan mee), cod and salmon for dinner and sh*tloads of icecream to feed everyone. I felt all eyes on me when I was carrying this whole stack of Haagen Dazs to the counter.
-Rommel and I got home in time for the pan mee lunch, for which I was grateful because I was really hungry. No wonder why I was in a cranky mood before that.

-I decided that this time I wanted to prepare everything way in advance instead of rushing through it as we always do (although that's because we usually decide on these things at the last minute). So I marinated the lamb and chicken, trying to copy how Robert in License to Grill does it, ziplock bag and all.
- Next I made my garlic butter for the garlic bread and the mushroom soup. I'd finished everything at about 4pm, just in time for tea.
- So I served whoever was still in our house some soup and garlic bread. Which meant I wouldn't have enough baguette slices for dinner so we headed out again to buy more.

- The godsiblings were supposed to arrive at ~7pm. Thank God for Malaysian timing as everyone was at least half an hour late and so my food timing turned out just right.
- I'd put the chicken in the oven at 6.15pm and let it roast for 45 mins.
- Next were the lamb cutlets which I grilled in the main oven instead of the smaller grill oven because that's where the garlic bread went into.
- At the same time, Rommel and I prepared the salad dressing (I poured the stuff in the cup, he stirred). I modified Michael Smith aka Chef at Home's recipe for this. The salad leaves were prepped and everything was tossed together just as the guests were arriving.
- After a very heavy and meaty dinner (courtesy of the juicy steaks), we sang Happy Birthday for Kok Beng and Stella. The chocolate and walnut brownie cake was of course made by Calvin and we served it with a scoop of Haagan Dazs Macadamia brittle.

So yea, that's why I always say my weekends are always busier than my weekdays.

Pictures to come. I intend to post the recipes (although I dont have any measurements for the ingredients since I just estimate everything).


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