Thursday, 24 July 2008

Piggin' Out - London: HK Diner & Borough Mkt

I'm in the office, waiting for some stuff to get approved and sent back to me so thought I might as well post more London foodie pics!

First up:
Restaurant: HK Diner
Address: Wardour St, London Chinatown
What I love: The fact that it opens til really late, making it a great post-clubbing hangout. Also, food's good (I think that's a prerequisite).

The lovely deep fried squid with salt and pepper.

My fav: Baked pork chop with corn cream sauce. (I love their seafood one too, used to order that to share with my Muslim friends.)

And the braised lamb with water chestnuts. (Okay I'm not too sure what this dish is called as I only know its name in Mandarin. And it's not on the English menu so it's best to ask the staff.)

Another yummy treat is Misato which is across the road from HK Diner. Just look for a small Japanese restaurant with a long queue at the front. Good food. Really reasonable prices (by London standards). And super duper portions!

Clockwise from top: the Tori Karaage (fried chicken, my fav!!), the salad that comes with almost every dish (we all love the dressing), the rice (which is of superb quality and they give you loads) and finally the gyu don (beef rice, yummmmm).

We tar pau-ed these for Shen and Patrick as they had to stay home and sort out their stuff and clean the flat etc during our last few days in London.

Next up, another foodie's definite MUST DO in London = Borough Market! Just google it and you'll find out just how great this place is!

First up: the scallops!! Grilled lightly and served on a bed of stir fried veggies and bacon.

Then it's a trip to Shen's favourite - Baklava!! (She bought loads that time round)

And... oysters!! At 1quid each for the small ones, that's a steal!! Fresh, yummy and sweet. I must admit I'm not a big fan of oysters but even I had 2! Rommel maybe had a dozen to himself. Haha..

At last, my mom's favourite thing to do in London (apart from shopping that is)... Drinking bubble tea at Jen Cafe in Chinatown. My mom isn't much of a foodie so to have something that she craves (and must have at least 3-4 times on each of our trips), this has to be something. But my dad just think's it's over priced at 2.50quid each. Perhaps perhaps but Ma doesn't care!


Coming up - food fest in Penang over the weekend. I can't wait..