Saturday, 13 December 2008

Piggin' Out: Restoran Suang Le River, Tanjung Karang

Restaurant: Suang Le River
Location: Bagan Pasir, Tanjung Karang
Contact: 019 690 6788, 019 233 5296
Other reviews: All About Food, Precious Pea

On the way to Hutan Melintang to board the Kaleebso, we stopped by Tanjung Karang for a seafood brunch. Restoran Suang Le River was recommended by Kaleebso captain, Uncle Loh and Pa had also tried out the place a few weeks earlier.

The nondescript entrance...

The yummy food...

The loo.... This was really amusing, especially for us cityfolk.... Here's Uncle Peter taking a peek in it.

The view...

Overall, the seafood was fresh, the cooking simple, homecooked and pretty good. Unfortunately, we ate at around 10.30am and most were not that hungry so it was a pity that I did not enjoy this meal as much as I should have.

Would I go back? Yes if I happen to be in the area.