Friday, 12 December 2008

London Cravings

What I would give to see this box.....

...and then open it to find these lovelies....

Ahhhh the famed Laduree macaroons.... Wish I was in Paris now. Or Harrods in London (which is where I got the macaroons photographed above last June but we forgot to take them out of my sister's fridge before rushing to the airport.)

*sob* Shen, would you be able to, by any chance, run over to Harrods and buy some before coming home? And while you're there, treat yourself to some gelato and eat that on my behalf. 1 scoop of nocciola for me please.

And since you're in the area, run across the street to Richoux and have some kedgeree for me please...

Oh btw, I found out that kedgeree is most likely the Brit variation of this Indian dish kichadi. So I can get it here in KL. But I think I still prefer kedgeree at Richoux.
- Laduree at London Harrods, Knightsbridge
- The Ice Cream Parlour at London Harrods foodhall, Knightsbridge
- Richoux (they have 4 outlets around London but my favourite is the Knightsbridge one just across the street from Harrods).


Priscilla said...

Yeah, kedgeree is now a very Brit dish, stolen over from the Indians, with lots of pretty stuff added in :) I have the whole history of kedgeree (and a good recipe too!) in one of my Good Food magazines ^____^

..... By the way, this was damn creepy. I was just craving for kedgeree this morning, and suddenly, here you are posting this!! O_O ..... Telepathy? :P