Monday, 15 December 2008

Life on the Kaleebso - Part 2

More pics from our recent Kaleebso trip...

Group pic! (L-R): Nicole, Uncle Peter, Aunty Josie, Aunty Pat, Uncle Aaron and Aunty Jackie

Family pic. (L-R): Ivan, Aunty Jenny and King Julian!

Me on top of the boat while waiting to set off from Hutan Melitang.

Rommel testing out his sea legs...

Of course, I brought along some knitting to keep me occupied during the 2 hour ride from the mainland to Pulau Sembilan. That's Uncle Loh, the captain, in there btw.
Assam laksa to feed the famished. Unfortunately, it didn't sit well with those prone to seasickness.

Pa's looking cool because he took his seasick tablets beforehand.

Rommel's hanging off the front of the boat while I sat in the "watcher's chair". That's my pale thigh. Despite my initial joy of finally getting a tan, I received some comments over the weekend on how I still look so fair. :(

King Julian smiling smugly and bravely.... while his brother Ivan took a longer while getting used to standing at the front while the boat was in movement.