Monday, 1 December 2008

It's already December

Yes time passes so quickly these days. Before I'd realised it, it's the end of the year. Time for Christmas planning, New Year Resolutions and soon... Chinese New Year.

But before we think about the future, let's dwell for a moment in the past.

Here's a picture from our Hong Kong trip in October. Finally got hold of it from XB but I cant complain about the delay. I do that all the time too!

And a more recent past.... as in this past weekend.... Mom and I were in Pangkor Laut for a wedding. Will post pics of the resort and stuff once I find time to upload the pics from the cameras.

Spent time glued to BBC news, watching as the horror in Mumbai unfolded. We said a prayer for all the victims and their families in church this weekend. This is reminiscent of the London bombings in 2005. We managed to fly out of London the next day as we'd already planned a trip to Lourdes, France but time in Lourdes was spent in much prayer.

Knit-wise, I managed to finish the Snow White shawl on Friday evening, just in time for the wedding dinner on Saturday night but I ended up not using it anyway because (1) it was too hot to use any cover up and (2) it didn't quite go with my dress.

Also started on my new shawl using the Artesano Inca Mist yarn that I'd just bought on Cucumberpatch. A simple Syrian lace pattern from my new Victorian lace book I got from Kinokuniya a few weeks back. Yes it's another shawl and yes it's also a triangular one but hey, I like making shawls! And I actually use these things (I have my Geometric shawl draped around my shoulders as I type).

So yes, pictures to come... soon...