Sunday, 14 December 2008

Life on the Kaleebso

Imagine waking up to such a view....
(your own private beach.... private island in fact since it's uninhabited)

* Pulau Lalang, part of the Pulau Sembilan islands.

What do you do if you're out at sea for 3 days?

Do you take the sampan out or go fishing?
* This is the little sampan that takes us to and fro from the beach.

Or perhaps clock in some dives?
* I miss diving already. These waters off Pulau Sembilan were surprisingly clear when we were there and one of us even managed to see a seahorse!

Do you talk about your great underwater travels the moment you get back from a dive? Here Pa is describing the size of some of the barracudas we saw underwater. Nothing big, not compared to the ferocious-looking, 4-ft long ones we caught at night.

Do you sit and contemplate life while enjoying a cuppa?

Perhaps some music for entertainment?
* Pa and Uncle Max kept things interesting with their music.
One fishing success....
*Apologies for the blur picture. I ran in to get my camera which was in an airconditioned room and so it fogged up when I brought it out.

And finally, some weird looking fruit that Uncle Loh plucked from the island. Some of us tried chewing on it and the fruit had mixed reviews. Most people did not like it though but some (like Pa) thought it was not bad.

3 days spent on Kaleebso. Memories to last a lifetime.