Friday, 5 December 2008


I can't wait for tomorrow to come.
Because tomorrow, we'll be going on the Kaleebso! Boat trip!!

The Kaleebso belongs to Uncle Loh, my dad's colleague. He runs this dive boat more of as a hobby and due to his love for the sea, rather than as a money-making venture (although making some extra cash on it does no harm!).

Some facts about the boat (taken from their site):
-Length at 75 feet
-Beam is 20 feet at its widest
-Hull made of chengal wood
-One 9 pax open cabin
-Three 3 pax cabin with one double bed and one single bed
-One 4 pax cabin

What I love about the boat:
1) Aunty Mary's cooking - really, whatever she cooks, I eat! From the cheese curry at dinner to the teochew porridge at lunch and the beef satay in pita bread for breakfast..... even if you dont want to swim/dive/snorkle/fish, you'll want to eat her food! You would think that with all the diving and swimming we do on the boat, we'd lose some weight but my experience on the boat tells me that I usually ended up with a few extra kilos instead.

2) It's got sufficient space for everyone and the rooms are clean and air-conditioned. In other words, comfy and feels like home on water. Why, my dad even gave one of our massage chairs to be placed on the boat so at the end of the day, we can relax and get a massage.

3) You can sing karaoke all night in the middle of the sea with no neighbours to tell you to shut up. You might just scare away all the fish so whoever intends to fish that night might not be too happy. That's what we did on one of the trips where we had a bunch of fruit and veg sellers from Selayang market on board with us. We just sang cheesy Chinese karaoke classics and it actually turned out to be a really fun night.

What I plan to do for the next 3 days:
1) Catch up on sleep - Sleep has become a luxury to me and so at every opportunity I get, I'll sleep as much as I can.
2) Eat. As mentioned above, Aunty Mary's cooking is just so good!
3) Knit - am planning to bring Juniper Syrian lace shawl with me.
4) Suntan - I really need a tan. Really. Last weekend at Pangkor Laut did nothing for me except about half a dozen sandfly bites which are still itchy and red til today. I can suntan while knitting/sleeping.
5) Dive/swim - not sure about this yet. Am somehow not in the mood to dive and my last dive was 3 years ago at Tanjung Jara. Will need a refresher course me thinks.
6) Go fishing - however, my last attempt at this was ages ago and I've never really caught anything worth mentioning.

I've been on this boat only 3 times and the last was at least 3/4 years ago before I started working! I've been meaning to bring Rommel on the boat (I've been telling him about it for ages now) but we never found the right time or the right group of people to go with.

So, looking forward to tomorrow!