Friday, 12 December 2008

Passport renewal - easy peasy now!

It's Friday morning and I'm not in the office. In fact, I'm in Ma's office and using Pot's laptop.


Cos Ma and I went to get our passports renewed. The self-service booth system (called Kippas) is so much easier and faster to use compared to the old school way of taking numbers, queuing for ages and then waiting for days to get the new passport.

Now everything's straightforward - just some clicks here and there on a screen, insert the relevant documents and money when requested, and then you come back in 2 hours to queue again to collect the new passport.

It didn't make sense for me to go all the way downtown to the office only to sit there for less than half an hour and then come back to Damansara for the collection. So here I am, blogging while checking office emails on my Blackberry.

So a short knit update...

Vanna throw is in progress. While it's getting rather tiring to knit as the throw grows and get heavier, I cant wait to snuggle under the finished project. So that's my motivation to complete it. I can imagine it'll be a great winter project as I can keep my legs warm with it while knitting. Since I'm in tropical Malaysia, I make sure the airconditioning is on when I knit it.

Juniper Syrian shawl is also in progress, albeit a slower progress as I'm focusing on Vanna when I'm at home. And I only have time to knit at home. But I really do love the colour and the simple garter lace pattern.

Unnamed stole - remember this? I frogged it. I have been facing a whole bout of indecisiveness on whether the pattern and the yarn go together. Somehow, it didnt seem to fit and so one night, I frogged it and started on a simple fan and feather stole. 3 inches so far....

Okay, time to go.... Ta!