Wednesday, 5 November 2008

Knit update: Current WIPs

Shen, here's the pictures of my current WIPs, just to give you a better idea of what I'm doing. Easier than explaining it to you on the phone!

First up, the Vanna throw. The main colour is the purple which is the Vanna's Choice yarn by Lion Brand. S$4.95 from Spotlight, Plaza Singapura. Then the strips of blue are the Sublime cashmere merino silk aran that I got in Tailor and Alteration, Hong Kong. Not very cheap but its soooo soft and I just had to mix the two together cos the colours match really well with my room.

After every 2 blue stripes, I'm trying out intarsia knitting for the first time (something like knitting a few different colours on the same row). That way, I get to use up more of the purple yarn (which I have more of) and so that it doesn't get too boring a knit for me.

Next, the lace stole which I have yet to name. Suggest one!

The pattern comes from my Let's Knit Series: Crochet Lace book that we bought in Kinokuniya last Christmas. I actually tried this pattern out with some other yarn and made good progress with it on one trip to Singapore but I ended up frogging the whole thing because I didn't feel that was the right pattern for that yarn. Hopefully, I stick with this one and complete it soon.

I have a trip to Singapore (work-related), a trip to Pangkor Laut (a client's wedding) and a trip on Uncle Loh's boat, the Kaleebso (with Uncle Max and gang)..... all coming real soon! Yay... great opportunities to knit!

Sorry the pics are a bit ugly and not very clear. I used the small Sony camera instead of the SLR cos I was lazy and the Sony was within reach. Good night!


Priscilla said...

Oooooooh pretty!! Both of them are!! I rather like the how the yarn from iKnit is turning out! :D It does look soft and pale and "peaceful" hehehe.

I'm actually skipping the second half of one of my lectures. It was boring and I've got to do my coursework anyway. Blegh. Stressful. I complained alot about this coursework on my blog. Blegh. It seems as though everyone's busy these days :( Eat crab?