Wednesday, 5 November 2008

Headaches or migraines, come what may

I'm sick. But what do I have? Is it a headache? Or is it a migraine? It comes and goes. My head really hurts when I make sudden movements. My neck is perpetually stiff and my right thigh keeps getting numb.

Add to that a sore throat and repetitive sneezing (but weirdly, no flu or blocked/runny nose).

What do I have?

My dad diagnosed me with dehydration (resulting in the headaches and sore throat) and body aches caused by late night showers.

But then several people in the office have been falling ill too. So is it a bug going around then?

I dont know.

What I know is that I have several things to blog about:

- All Saints Day and All Souls Day over the weekend - pics from our visit to the cemetary to see my maternal grandparents. They lived a long and happy life, had 8 adult children who all married and have loads of grandkids (23 of us at last count) and 2 great-grandkids. Before prayers, we reminisced about my grandma's cooking, which is something all of us really miss. No one cooks like Por por.

- My first knit meetup last Saturday - finally got to meet the various ladies from our Ravelry group. Too bad I couldnt stay long as Ma was waiting for me (she spent time at the Club21 sale so time was not wasted on her part) and we needed to head off to church for All Saints Say Mass.

- My Grandpa vest - almost completed but it's wayyyyy too big for me. What should I do? Give it to Melissa, perhaps? I dont want to frog it!

- My Coco camisole - completed and fits me really well! Am not very happy with the neckline so may frog that part and redo it.

- Started on two new projects:
(1) Katia baby blanket - am knitting this in simple garter stitch after I frogged the crocheted version a couple of months ago. The yarn is so soft and fuzzy that it makes no sense to use any pattern at all. Great mindless knitting while driving!
(2) Crochet lace stole (yet to be named) - Shen, I'm using one of the hand dyed yarns you shipped back to me. I think you bought it at iKnit. Am following a pattern from one of the Japanese crochet lace books. A pretty simple but pretty pattern.

- My Vanna throw which is coming along really prettily and quickly. I love knitting on larger needles. Instant gratification! And I got nice compliments from the Ravelry ladies on Saturday for this. Mona noted that my tension was too tight so that explains why the intarsia part wasn't looking that great. Am trying to loosen it for future rows. Thanks Mona!

Oh great, my headache is coming back. Panadol anyone? Ta...


Aw said...

I went for eye check up at ISEC, Midvalley, after dilating pupil & checking, doctor told me basically ok but he questioned me, do I have headache frequently? I always thought that is migraine....he said something related to nerve , but I need for another check up with 2 test.