Friday, 14 November 2008

Have I lost my knitting mojo?

I sure hope not. But I've been really busy with work so have not done any knitting at all for the past couple of days.

That made me very fidgety.

So last night, we were at The Curve/Cineleisure watching Madagascar 2 (charity premiere tickets - and the movie is pretty funny) so I stopped by Borders to see if any new knitting magazines were out. I came out RM200 poorer but with 1 new knitting book and 4 knitting mags.

Shen, remember that this book called "Kimono Knits"? I found it at Borders and bought it. Looks like they have patterns for various overcoats and other kimono-like tops that you can wear with jeans.

Then today, I still felt fidgety (buying knitting-related books and mags doesnt equal actual knitting) so I headed to Jet Sun at Sg Wang Plaza for a perk-me-up. Great thing to do after a stressful week. I bought 2 balls of red yarn, 2 green, 2 peach and 3 white. What does that colour combi indicate?...... Yup, Christmas!

I saw some cute patterns for Christmas ornaments in some of the magazines and wanted to try making them. The peach is for skin colour to make little Santa pom-poms.

Also bought 5 balls of Winter Time Super Soft yarn in a nice baby pink for Ma as she wanted to make this shawl she saw in one of the Japanese books I got on Saturday at Kinokuniya (I've been on a book spree this past week).

Hopefully, I get to do some knitting soon before I stress out even more!