Sunday, 12 October 2008

Piggin' Out: Duck King, Jaya One

Restaurant: Duck King, Jaya One
Tel: 03-79579819
Verdict: A new place for Sunday brunch!

After mass today, Pa wanted to take us to try Duck King in Jaya One. Jaya One is the one of the latest developments in town and hosts a variety of restaurants catering to PJ residents. Rommel and I have been hearing from quite a few friends about the whole place and so we were keen to check it out.

The restaurant was obviously famous for.... duck. So we ordered a platter of roasted duck and char siu. The duck itself was pretty good, of course not as good as the ones in London but still pretty good. And not too fatty as well. The char siu was a bit too sweet for Pa's liking though.

They also have some dimsum-ish fare so we ordered....

... pork innards with pepper soup....
(really good, the meats were really soft and it certainly was peppery enough)

.... rice wine soup with tin kai (frogs)...
(a bit too sweet and too thick for our liking)

.... siew long bao...
(not much soup/sauce in them and the pastry was too thick but it tasted really good. Just think of it as a normal dumpling)

... stir fried nai bak with garlic...
(probably the second best thing we had there. I loved this dish and ate most of it.)

.... egg tarts...
(What dimsum meal would be complete without egg tarts for me? So of course we ordered them. Sadly, the pastry tasted like it wasn't baked long enough and you could taste the flouryness in it. A great disappointment, especially after what we had in Hong Kong.)

I wanted to order their deep fried tofu but the chef came out to say that it wasn't fried to his expectation so instead he offered some yau char kuai stuffed with fish paste, deep fried and coated with some mayo-like sauce. Suuuuper fattening but hey it tasted good!

And now, I'm getting hungry again. Time to decide what's for dinner.

Shen, is it any wonder why I dont lose weight?