Friday, 24 October 2008

Busy week, stressed out

It's been a busy week for me and my brain's totally dead right now. My report's due and so I have to rush rush rush to get it out. Plus with the global market in such a situation, I really wonder if I should be initiating on a stock right now. And there will be questions on why am I initiating at this point in time. And share prices have been collapsing so that's not helping. Markets everywhere seem to be in free fall.

So this week was filled with 14 hours a day in the office, get home, have dinner, shower and work again until midnight before collapsing in bed. The alarm rings at 5.45am and the whole process starts again.

Add to that 2 dinners with Pa's clients (there was an exhibition in KL so he had guests from England, Indonesia and Singapore).

Then pile on crappy weather - super heavy thunder storms that leading horrendous traffic jams in the city that even at 8pm, most cars are barely moving on the roads. One of the dinners we had was at Max and it took Pa 2.5 hours to get from home to Impiana Hotel to pick the guests up and then turn to pick me up (I walked in the rain to the Weld to meet them) and then finally arrive at Max. We were 2 hours late for dinner.

So you can imagine how I'm looking forward to this weekend. We're off to Cameron Highlands as it's the long Deepavali weekend. Time to breathe in some clean highland air and chomp on strawberries and have steamboat feasts! Of course some time during our relaxing weekend, I will have to turn on my office laptop and do some work but hopefully when I get a bit more sleep and relax a bit more, my brain can function slightly better and I can write my report.

And now..... I'm off to bed for some much-needed rest. G'night.