Friday, 3 October 2008

Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri!

Sorry I'm 2 days late. We had a 2 day holiday here in Malaysia and so I just could not be bothered to stare into a computer screen. I do it for more than 12 hours every working day anyway!

But, I enjoyed this short break very much. Wednesday was a relaxing day, going to Saravanaa Bhavan in Bangsar for brunch (yummm the lovely dosa and good chutney there is unbeatable), grocery shopping at the Village Grocer (we spent loads of money there, ~RM560 for 8 pieces of good steak and some lamb cutlets, excluding the other stuff we bought) and then an afternoon nap at home before I had to wake up and start cooking dinner.

For Wed dinner, we had about 15 ppl over for dinner. The group included Uncle Max & family, Father Simon, Aunty Julie and Uncle Kitson, Uncle Francis, Aunty Amy & her sisters, Sherece & Steven... Ma didnt want too many people so it was a nice cosy affair.

The menu was a rather unusual combination because it was supposed to be pot luck.

My family's contribution:
My tried-and-tested, rarely-disappoints portobello and button mushroom soup
Black Angus 100-day aged ribeyes simply grilled and seasoned with just salt and pepper
Lamb cutlets marinated with rosemary and garlic, lightly grilled
Chocolate fountain and condiments
Fresh fruits
Daddy's wine selection

The rest contributed:
Aunty Rubyann's grilled woodberry pork ribs - absolutely lovely
Aunty Rubyann's mashed potato salad - yummylicious
Aunty Julie's garlic bread
Aunty Amy's salt baked chicken & chun kuen & ang ku kuih
Aunty Rubyann's choc cheesecake

Post dinner, it felt more like Chinese New Year as we brought out a deck of cards and the Black Jack rounds started...

We woke up late on Thursday morning. Headed to Pudu to try this restaurant called Sek Yuen. Pa and Fatteh went there a month back with Uncle Lee and friends and said it was yummy and cheap.

For 4 of us, we ordered a yau cham grass carp, roasted duck, chun kuen, fried tung ho with garlic, char yoke and a soup. Only RM85!!

Ma then mentioned that the restaurant looked really familiar and it seems the family has celebrated someone's wedding there many many years ago. Well, since the restaurant is older than Pa and it used to be really famous, no surprise then!

After lunch, we rushed to Midvalley to catch the 1.10pm Mamma Mia at the Gardens. Again, since we watched it in Gold Class, there were only us and another family of 4 in the whole cinema.

About the movie, highly recommended for a laugh. A lot of the scenes were really cheesy and it can be quite lame at times but just dont be so cynical and you'll enjoy it..... And you'll be humming Dancing Queen all night long after that!

Short knit update: Am halfway through the front portion of Grandpa's Vest. And I'm having a dilemma on what to cast on next!

And now... it's Friday today! So happy.... PLUS, I'm off to Hong Kong tomorrow with Rommel.. wheeeeee..... Although I'm actually there for training on Monday so I need to prepare some stuff (and also do some work). And that's what I'll be doing for the rest of the day.