Monday, 29 September 2008

The weekend is over, but the feasting has not ended...

On Saturday afternoon, I continued my feasting with a yummy lunch with the parents in Celadon, the Thai restaurant on Level 6, The Pavilion.

I've eaten there a couple of times with Aunty Lena and so pretty much expected that my mom would like the place (which she did). However, my dad has always had a great dislike for Thai food so it was a bit more difficult to convince him to eat there. But we managed to convince him and I think he actually enjoyed the meal too.

We had their papaya & mango salad and their betel leaves with various condiments as starters. Then the tom yum kung for the soup. Main course was green curry with chicken and blanched vegetables with some thai sauce. And we of course ordered the waterchestnuts and jackfruit in coconut milk for dessert. Wayy to much food for just 3 of us!

Saturday's dinner was Ma's birthday do at Max! Fine Food and Wines. I managed to take pictures of some of the dishes but have yet to upload them so I'll leave this for a separate review.

Sunday brunch after Mass was at Oriental Cravings in 1 Utama. Since it was Ma's birthday, she wanted to go shopping (what else!?) and we decided to go to 1 Utama since we hadn't been there in ages!

At Oriental Cravings, Ma had her rice wine chicken with mee sua (enough to satisfy our cravings but not as good as Grandma's), Rommel had the fried tong fun (not too bad) and I had my usual Roast Pork Curry Laksa (always good but I couldnt finish the whole portion). Pa, as always, had a hard time deciding and was recommended the steamed mantou with char siu. This was not too bad as well but really oily.

At 1U, we did a bit of shopping:
- 2 pairs of shoes for me and 1 pair for Ma at Bimba & Lola (Shen go google this Spanish brand up! It's my new favourite brand for shoes!)
- some shirts from Raoul for Ma (I dont remember how many)
- Visited Craft Haven and bought some cool new stuff (pics to come)
- A Wedding Anniversary present for Uncle Max and Aunty RubyAnn - it's their anniversary today and so we're going over for a party tonight (i.e. eating again!!)
- A belated birthday present for godsis Celine.

Sunday dinner was my Concord friend Wee Ben's wedding dinner. This was held in Restaurant Fortuna Palace in Taman Kajang Prima. And I actually remember the directions on how to get there!

From the KL-Seremban highway, turn off at the Kajang toll. Pass 2 more tolls and exit at the second toll to Semenyih. Turn left after the exit and you will get onto Jalan Semenyih. You'll soon see the restaurant amongst a row of shops on the left.

Food-wise, it was so-so, typical wedding dinner fare (four seasons, soup, steamed fish, roasted suckling pig, deep fried prawns, fried rice, dessert). But I enjoyed the company. It's been such a long time since I met up with fellow Concordians. Although there were just a few of us (Liling, Benjamin, Pai Pin, Chee Chow and Jun Wei) but it was great to see them again, especially Liling and Benji since we've known each other since we were in primary school!

Needless to say, I woke up with a fairly bad hangover this morning and had difficulty driving to work with a splitting headache. This is what I get with too much Hennessy I guess. Whoops!

Short knitting update:
Finally finished Jilly's stole/shawlette on Saturday night. It's now being washed and blocked by Evelyn so hopefully it dries by tomorrow.
And now that it's done, I'm glad to get on with my knitting life. Am continuing the front part of my Grandpa's Cardigan....
But I'm itching to start on a new project.... Shall I make something with the new baby blue cashmere laceweight I got from the Plucky knitter?