Saturday, 13 September 2008

Knit FOs: The White Cat models

You may wonder if I really had that much free time today. Perhaps I did, but it was all taken in less than 5 mins.

Here is Kitty in my Carousel poncho:

And here it is in my Green Fairy shawl:

And yes I know that this is not Kitty. It's Shen modelling the scarf I knitted for cousin Melissa ages ago as she was going to the US to study. Now Mel's back and so we took a picture of it when we were in her house last month.

Simple fuzzy garter stitch scarf.... I cant remember the details (like what yarn etc) since I made it years ago.

* Foodie note: Shen's eating Melissa's "Nutella wantan" - deep fried wantan skins filled with Nutella. Is there any wonder why we never lose weight??