Sunday, 14 September 2008

Kitty-mania = headache


No this is NOT about the white kitty whom I happily took photos of yesterday.

It's about the cats outside.

2 stray cats decided to have a fight in our garden early this morning. The two dum-dums woke me up at ~6.30am. ON A SUNDAY!

I looked out my window to see where they were (It sounded like they were just below my room really), but couldnt find them. I went downstairs, looked out all the windows on the front. Then I couldnt take it, I went outside to "hunt" for them. Ma and Pa had already left (some RCIA thing at IJ Convent Cheras today) so I also looked out from their window and Shen's window. After about 10 mins of hunting, I gave up cos I couldnt find them.

Later, while on the way for Mass, Evelyn said they'd actually started earlier in the morning but were at the back of the house (which would explain why I didnt hear it initially). She tried to shoo them away by throwing slippers at them. Ma and Pa tried shoo-ing them but it didn't work as well (and you know how cats know that Ma hates them and so they run away).

Sigh... at times like these I wish we had dogs. But then the neighbours dogs were all going mental as well cos they kept hearing the cats wail. At one point, it sounded like a baby was crying. Or someone mourning.... a long sad wail.

Whatever. I'm off to Gardens to catch a movie. Want to watch The Other Boleyn Girl.. And if it's boring, we're watching in Gold Class so that it's nice and comfy so I can sleep. Ta..

P/S: Shen if you want Sushi okay you can have it..... Want more hats too? Really easy to knit and done in just a few hours!


Priscilla said...

Yay more hats!

OMG THE OTHER BOLEYN GIRL!! I want to watch too!! I looooooove Phillippa Gregory's books! (well, I think I spelled her name right. I can never get it!) I also want to watch one called "The Duchess" starring Kiera Knightley. *hearts* I love movies set in the 11th to 18th centuries! I think that might've been due to influence from all those romance novels I used to read haha.

Cats fighting? That must be really irritating! How long were they fighting for??