Friday, 5 September 2008

SFX Family Day 2008

Okay I know this is way overdue. The SFX Family Day was held in July but somehow I never posted about it!

Here is "Kampung Maranatha" which is mom's theme for this year. Maranatha is a retreat house in Janda Baik which is maintained solely based on charity and fund-raising activities. Mom is part of the fund-raising committee and so every year at the SFX Family Day, they'll have a stall selling various items and food to raise funds.

In keeping with this year's kampung theme, we sold an assortment of kuih, rice, lemang, curries, rendang, sambal and veg etc. We even got Father Simon to fry the pisang goreng which were sold at for RM1 each.

In the next picture, Shen, myself and Evelyn are preparing his "cooking area".

Here I am getting ready to do my "rounds". We had so much mee siam left towards the end (people preferred the nasi lemak so that was sold out really quickly), so I had to take around a tray of it to try to sell. RM1 only a packet!

Amidst all the hustle and bustle, Rommel managed to get a shot of my dad slowly enjoying his mee soto.

And here is a pic of cousins Vanessa and Melissa.


Priscilla said...

Hahaha LEMANG!!

My exam was ooookaaaaaaay. Damn sight easier than the January exam! They actually repeated two questions, although with different numbers, but I didn't answer one of them (we had to choose 4 questions out of 5, each having 25%). Admittedly, the one I left out was the most difficult question in the paper, and I suck at it.

I got a huge bunch of new furisode!! ;_; help meh, I can't stop buying! When I buy normal kimono, all I do is buy the kimono and I have accessories at home to match it with. Furisode, on the other hand.. When I buy them, I also have to look for and buy accessories like juban and obi! *sighs happily* But at least I wear them... Right?