Monday, 15 September 2008

Sanma season has begun!

This is the time of the year that my dad looks forward to. Sanma (saury fish) season. Only at this time of the year can you get fresh sanma fish. The rest of the year, it's frozen sanma that's defrosted and served to us.

The highlight of the fish is its belly which, when fresh, is slightly bitter-ish but leaves a lovely lingering taste in your mouth. I'm not a very big fan of the belly (it's an acquired taste) but Pa and Rommel enjoy it... A Lot.

Sanma is best served shioyaki-style, i.e. rubbed with sea salt and grilled to perfection. Drizzle some lemon juice on it and serve accompanied with good Japanese rice... and a bowl of miso soup would be nice too.

For this year's sanma season, we recommend going to Ninja Jones at Northpoint in Midvalley City. Although it's at only RM39 per fish (special offer, normal price RM55), the fish was grilled to perfection on the two times I had it this past weekend (Saturday lunch with the parents and Sunday lunch again with Rommel). So much so that Pa went again today (i.e. Monday).

Pa brought a couple of friends there for lunch today and found that they'd run out of sanma! He then told them to call up Yuzu, Ninja Jones' sister restaurant at the Gardens but they didn't have anymore to spare either. But, luckily the restaurant managed to get their supplier to rush over with a fresh supply so Pa managed to get his sanma fix for today. Hehe..

We usually have the sanma at Kampachi, Hotel Equatorial and this year, the fish is going for RM59 per fish. We haven't had time to try it yet but I'm certainly planning to. Maybe for tomorrow's lunch.... Yum.

P/S: Shen, thanks for the Misti Alpaca yarn!! (At least I think that's what you got me). And my baby blue 100% cashmere yarn arrived today! So soft!

The Other Boleyn Girl was nice! And we watched it in Gold Class in the Gardens and we were the only ones in the cinema! It's as if we booked out the whole cinema. Have I read the book before? Maybe I did which is why the movie was so familiar. Can't remember now. I must have read it ages ago!



Priscilla said...

Oh I didn't get you Misti Alpaca, but the iKnit hand-dyed yarn. It isn't quite as soft, but it nearly is, and the colours are more interesting! I slept late and woke up late today, so not enough time to go to the PO, but I'll send it tomorrow :) Besides, I still need to figure out how to pack them all in nicely... :P

I wanna eat sanma tooooooooooo :(

Petrina said...

Is it the same yarn I used for my Green shawl??