Wednesday, 10 September 2008

The stars say I should spoil myself

Today's horoscope in the New Straits Times:

It is about time you spoil yourself as you tend to be a little too mean and strict with yourself. Spending money on oneself is a sign of having a positive and healthy self-esteem.

My interpretation: More yarn!!!!

Shen, I really wonder if my horoscope is indeed correct. Or maybe I really do have a positive and healthy self-esteem since I am always spoiling myself. Even better, I get others to spoil me! ( I hear Pa in my head going, "Hah! So that's what I'm for?")

But then again, all 3 of us siblings have mastered the art of shopping from Ma. You with your kimono stuff, Fatteh with his flashlights, me with my yarn. And Ma..... well, Ma buys everything and anything. She can shop anywhere (not an easy skill, I must add).

Oh speaking of Ma and her shopping, she bought a new LV bag again. This time it's called Halo Peach. The latest limited edition bag, blah blah blah. Found someone on ebay selling it for US$2295 but I assure you we didnt buy it for that much. The pictures can't do it justice, really. It's much nicer that the pics and the leather is oh-so-soft.

On the work front, I've been busy and so less time to knit. Traffic in the evenings are pretty clear by the time I leave the office (which is about 7-8pm these days), so I can't knit during traffic jams as I usually do. But, working the 12-14 hour days are starting to take its toll on me and so I have trouble waking up at 5.45am nowadays.

I managed to find time to scour Ravelry for lace shawl patterns. I've wound up my 1 skein of The Plucky Knitter's Her Ladyship as I plan to make a shawlette for Ji-Lian's birthday. Haven't taken a picture of the new Plucky yarns yet but this has really nice burgundy-reddish hues to it. Hopefully, I find a suitable pattern soon and start on it because I dont have that many days to finish it!

I'm also on the hunt for a crochet shorts pattern. Suennie bought a pair of Armani shorts that were crocheted and she loves it but says it's really pricey. So I've been given the task of either looking for a similar design or coming up with my own. Haven't found any patterns that resemble it yet so will attempt to create my own version of it.

So there, that's what I've been up to. Oh and I have been having this really annoying headache which keeps coming and going. (It's coming right now, I feel it... ow) Maybe I should go home early today? I don't know. I've been saying that for the past 3 days but still I leave at the usual time. Sigh...


Priscilla said...

I bought you lots of yarn!!! I remembered that you have alot of pinks and blues and light-coloured stuff, so I got you darker coloured wool. I still got you two really sweet colours, though! They're all plain, but I rather like the plain yarns compared to the multi-coloured ones they had there. Really nice stuff! I hope I got enough of each of them x_x"" Still, most of them match each other, so you can use them together I guess.

They're all Rowan yarns, btw, because I remember you saying that it's only in Singapore that you can get them. I haven't visited Loop yet, but I'll prolly do so tomorrow or on Monday. Whenever I visit Loop, I'll post your box on the day itself or the day after!

Mel and I are going to Borough Market on Friday cos we're craving for oysters and scallops. On Saturday, there's that Japanese Jamboree thing. On Sunday, there's a Korean New Moon festival I want to check out hehe. Sounds like a busy weekend, doesn't it? :) I can't wait!

Unfortunately, I'm gonna have to go to the Japanese Jamboree alone :( It's Mel's moving-in day, so she can't come. I'll still wear a kimono though! I'm currently putting an outfit together *mwee* ^__^ I bought a nice kimono that matches the gray in your shawl, and I have a blue obi that matches the shawl too. I wish I have maroon or dark purple accessories to match them with!! I was thinking of wearing that kimono and obi, and holding your shawl in case I got cold. Nyehehehhehee... *excited*

Priscilla said...

Hee Piggeh :D The yarn isn't on its way yet because I'm going to the Japanese Jamboree thing tomorrow, and it's just up the road from iKnit! I thought that once the thing was done, I'd pop by and see if they have anything nice. Any special colour requests? What do you feel like? :D

Lol, tell Ma that it's alright. Not only is flying back for 2 weeks really expensive, it also doesn't make much sense for me to go back and forth so much! Immigration would be thinking "what the hell?" haha.