Tuesday, 2 September 2008

More Plucky yarn on the way

My horoscope in the NST for today:
You have been very patient with saving money towards that one object you desire. Today, it will be difficult to control your impulses, so be aware that you may splurge your savings unless you keep a cool head.

And so, I splurged. Bad bad Ravelry. I knew there was a Plucky update on etsy over the weekend but was very disciplined to not check yesterday. Then I thought to myself this morning, "All the yarns would have been sold out by now so let's check." And I also checked on the Plucky forum on Ravelry to see what others had scored in the update.

Then I saw "light blue....... cashmere.... still on sale".

That didn't take much encouragement. How can I ever say no to cashmere?

So here's what I got:
2 skeins of Francie Stevens and 1 skein of Morticia.

Great birthday treat for myself! And am gonna use some of the birthday money I received yesterday so if anyone asks, that's where their money went! Thanks a bunch! Hehe..


Priscilla said...

Oh so THOSE are the ones!! They're reaaaally pretty :D