Tuesday, 2 September 2008

An adventure in Phuket

Happy Merdeka!

I'm assuming you read my previous post on missing my flight to Phuket because of the protests and airport closure.

Since the parents, Fatteh and Rommel were already there, they went around shopping, getting massages and taking photos with baby tigers and elephants. (Shen I'll try and post a pic of the one where Pot is carrying the baby tiger. So cute - the tiger I mean.) Ma made 12 silk shirts while Fatteh and Pa made 6-7 cotton ones each.

And Fatteh tried out some guns at the shooting range. Rommel said that it was much pricier than in Ho Chi Minh City and the guns kinda sounded more like paintball guns than proper guns (as in it wasn't as loud as the ones we tried at HCMC).

On Sunday the rest of the family had to get a car from Phuket all the way to the border (7 hours, no joke!!), then cross the border on foot (imagine Ma dragging her LV luggage across like an immigrant!), then hail another taxi to take them to the Alor Star airport (half an hour away). They then flew back to KL from Alor Star and arrived just an hour earlier than they would have if they took the scheduled flight from Phuket.

In the mean time, I stayed at home, slept the Saturday afternoon away and was just too lazy to go out that night. Evelyn cooked up a simple meal for the 2 of us and we just watched loads of TV.

Sunday morning, I was woken up at 9am by the sound of fighter jets in the air. It doesn't help that we live near the Sg Besi airforce base so that's where all the jets take off from for the Merdeka celebrations. Couldn't sleep, so headed to Midvalley.

At MV, I headed straight for Bottles and Bottles to get some beer (20 bottles of Weihenstephan - a mix of the 3 types) and 6 bottles of Little Creatures Pale Ale (I just had to try it!). Chong, the owner of B&B was really nice and helped me take the stuff to my car.

In the afternoon, I made 2 types of tiramisu - one with Kahlua and one without alcohol. Also baked a cheesecake (first time trying!) and am really glad it had good feedback from everyone who tried it last night. Just needs a bit of refinement so will keep trying and the colleagues have volunteered to be my guinea pigs.

Yesterday was a busy day. Fatteh wanted to go karting so we picked Godbro Ian up from his place and headed for the Mofaz track in USJ. After a couple of rounds, we all got hungry and headed for the char siew place in Shah Alam which is a sister restaurant to the famous one in Tengkat Tung Shin. Got there just in time to order the last few pieces of char siew. Yumm...

Next we headed to the go-karting track at the Shah Alam stadium so that they could go on the 100cc karts. Apparently the Mofaz track had too many turns and not many straights so it wasn't worth taking the 100ccs on it. I didn't kart though, was not in the mood cos it was so hot. So I just sat around and started on a new project - a crocheted baby blanket.

Evening time: the party! We only invited family members and some close friends so it was a small do. Mom didn't tell anyone it was my birthday so that they didn't have to feel obliged to buy me a present. But of course the family knew and so I still got some presents!

So there, our weekend summarised.

P/S: Hi Chris, yes I should have just made a visit to Daddy's cellar and raided it. Then if he calls, I can go "*hic*... Hi Pa... *hic*... I'm not sure which bottle I had but it said something "Harlan" on it." Hehe... And I know where all the good wines are kept. ;)


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Ha..ha..happy...hic*belated birthday!

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