Thursday, 23 April 2009

Knit FO: Rose shawl

For my godbrother Sunny's wedding dinner, I bought this black tube dress with red roses from Coast (30% off!). I didn't want to wear it just on its own and so decided to crochet a shawl to match it. And the end result was... the Rose shawl.

Here I am that night, in my ensemble, with godsister Carolyn. My outfit also included our Louis Vuitton bangles (2 red, 1 black and 1 clear) and a rose choker I found in Mom's room.

Pattern: From one of my Japanese crocheted shawls books.
Yarn: Katia Sevilla, from Jet Sun in Sg Wang Plaza.
Crochet hook: Japanese size 9


Priscilla said...

Normally, I'm not too fond of these really shiny yarn as shawls, but with this dress, it really works! :D Lemme wear it!!

Petrina said...

Well, I wasn't sure either at first but the aunty at Jet Sun said it'll look nice so I bought it.

Priscilla said...

It does look nice :) Really really pretty against that dress!!

Btw, I'm not asleep yet cos my skin's feeling itchy cos I forgot to put on moisturizer after going out today. Omg, I got bruises on my arms from rubbing in the body butter! Bruises!!!

Anonymous said...

hey are u willing to sell ur shawls and if so how much my email is

Petrina said...

Hi anonymous,

Thanks but my biggest issue right now is finding time to make these shawls! Will definitely inform you if I decide to sell my shawls. Thanks again!