Thursday, 16 April 2009

Quick update

Been busy with work all week and Easter over the weekend hence the blogging hiatus. But, I just wanted to say:

Congratulations, Olivia and Kok Beng!!! Their baby girl was born this morning. No details yet but I wanna go visit! :)

...and incidentally, it's my brother's birthday today. So..... Happy 18th Birthday, Fatteh!! You're finally at the legal drinking age, although I'm trained you well enough to hold your liquor all these years so I dont expect you to get totally sloshed. But yea, go ahead and have fun in London! I've put in the $$$ in your bank account so you know what to do.

I've also been busy with Sunny and Mona's wedding which is this Saturday. Rehearsal on Tuesday night, first dinner tonight at Sage, tea ceremony and church wedding and luncheon and dinner all on Saturday. It's been really fun though and we hope everything goes alright! This is my first time as bridesmaid so I'm really nervous! Mom's doing the decoration for the church and lunch and I think it'll turn out really pretty. Will take lots of pictures that day!

Finally, I've been bitten by the crocheted bags bug. For the past few months, I've been crazy about shawls but last week, something came over me (maybe it was the flu bug I caught in the office). In the past one week, I've completed 3 bags:

1) Rose bag - Finished this in a day but it was too small (but cute!) for me to use so I'm planning to give it away. I made it using Japanese hook size 7 and leftover yarn from my rose shawl which I finished last week, for me to use at Sunny's wedding dinner this Saturday. But it's okay, I have other red bags to match my outfit.

2) Peaches bag - Made in the same base pattern as the Rose bag (although I changed the handles for Rose), using my Japanese hook size 10 and a long-lost yarn I found in the corner of one of my yarn drawers - Jaeger Celeste in a pretty peach colour. Finished this last night after some manic crocheting while watching American Idol.

3) Biggy Bucket bag - started this on Saturday night after a lengthy discussion with my sister on what I should make. I used Rowan Biggy in dark brown which I've had for a long time and previously made into a poncho (which was frogged twice). Made it with the 8mm Clover crochet hook I bought at Tailor and Alteration, Hong Kong. Also completed yesterday as I just wanted to finish it, despite it already being so late at night.

I find that I really, really like making bags. Lots of flexibility, no worry about the fit and best of all - it's so quick to make. Plus, it's more practical to use in our weather vs knitwear and socks.

Now I just need to find time to take the pictures and post them. Ta!