Wednesday, 29 April 2009

I'm on a diet!

Yes, I mean it.

For the first time in my life, I'm actually attempting to follow a diet plan. Previously, all I ever did was say that I wanted to do something about my weight/not fitting into my clothes/cholesterol issues/spending too much on food etc... and then procrastinated about it.

So anyway, last week, Aunty Diane came over to speak to me about Herbalife. Now, I've heard alot about Herbalife from various people, that it's worked for them or someone they know and so I was receptive to the idea of starting on it. Tried the F1 drink, tried the teamix and decided that I was alright with the taste. So, voila! My diet began last Thursday.

One week on, today, I'd like to report that I think I've lost weight. Let me emphasize that I can only presume that I've lost the weight. Why? Cos I didn't bother to weigh myself before going on this diet. My main aim at this point is to fit into my clothes. And so far, it looks like the clothes that were getting a bit too tight are getting back to normal again. If this keeps up, I hopefully will be able to fit back into my old clothes, which have been chucked aside for the past 2 years.

My colleagues all know ab0ut my new diet plan since they see me in the pantry every day with my whole box of Herbalife products, making the shake for my breakfast and lunch. One colleague then said he's been on the diet for the past month and has lost 3 kgs so far. And he hasn't been that strict about it either! Apparently, if we're really diligent, we can lost about 1kg a week. Not bad not bad.

Shen, if that happens to me, I might be able to lose 8kgs before you guys come back for summer! Muahahaa....

I'll let you in on a secret though... I didn't stick to the diet all weekend, more like pigged out the whole weekend! 2 siew yoke feasts, 1 dip-dip dinner feast, 1 birthday party lunch.... yup, definitely ate more than I should have. But scarily, I'll say that is maybe the usual amount we eat on weekends anyway. No wonder why I've been putting on weight.

And so, my daily diet now consist of:
- Breakfast: 1 cup of teamix after our morning meeting (~8.20am), followed by 1 portion of the F1 shake.
- Mid-morning: 1 energy bar because I get hungry around that time.
- Lunch: 2nd portion of the F1 shake with some cut fruits or stir fried veg from the stalls at the back.
- Mid-afternoon: Another energy bar since I get hungry again.
- Dinner: the usual dinner at home.
- and of course, drink lots of water throughout the day.

So, I've essentially broken my meals up into 5 smaller portions, cut my meat and carb intake and getting my stomach adjusted to less food.

Does this mean less food reviews? I hope not... We still do go out for meals, especially on weekends. Besides, I've still got a few reviews I have yet to do....

Let's see how much weight I lose!