Sunday, 26 April 2009

Sunny and Mona's wedding in pictures

Godbrother Sunny got married last week and I managed to take some pictures at the lunch do after the wedding mass and also some at the wedding dinner in PJ Hilton.

First up, the lovely couple posing with the wedding cake.
The theme for the church wedding was lilac and cream.

Close ups of the wedding cake (beautifully made by godbrother Calvin of Black Forest Tavern)

Cutting the cake...

Calvin also made extra cupcakes for the guests...

... which blended perfectly with the fresh flower posies...

Me, the frazzled bridesmaid at the end of it all... This is the only picture I have of myself from that morning.

Rommel was the best man, who didnt have as much to do and therefore still looked calm at the end.

And some pictures from the wedding dinner...

Mom and godsis Carolyn.

Sunny's friend Masa from Japan, Sunny and Carolyn..