Thursday, 30 April 2009

Zara-Massimo Dutti-Pull & Bear sale : 3 days more

We're stuck in a jam getting out of The Curve cos we went for the Zara-Dutti which started today until Sunday. Loads of ppl, long queue to get it, lotsa pushing and shoving and grabbing stuff off the racks... You know the drill..

BUT, I managed to get quite a bit of things. I can't tell you right now how many cos I can't remember how many things I bought. It was more of the grab-and-pay type of thing. I remember I managed to find the lilac dress from Zara that I really liked in Barcelona but didn't buy in the end. Only RM89.90!! What a steal esp since I remembered it costing >RM400. It's at times like these that I'm happy I'm not average-sized.

Ma, on the other hand, had trouble finding things in her size.. Plus, she'd most probably already bought the item at full price if she liked it earlier on.

So yea, on our way home to sort them out!