Wednesday, 8 April 2009

Stress led me to PattyBelle

Everyone reacts differently to stress. In my case, I've come to realise that while I rarely lose my cool during stressful times (as in I rarely act in a panic or rush through things).

But my body has taken a different turn on how it handles stress. In recent months, I've had spells of really bad headaches, weird rashes and eczema on my body, multiple mouth ulcers at a go and most recently, my cold sores have made a major comeback.

I've had cold sores since I was very young and used to get it at least once a year. Tried all sorts of products and home treatments but nothing was as effective as taking lysine supplements, as recommended by a pharmacist in Covent Garden in 2004. Elated, I'd thought I found the solution to my cold sore issues. Then I later found out that lysine is also the active ingredient in Appeton - i.e. it helps to build your appetite. Which is something I obviously dont need.

But anyway, I stopped taking lysine after finding this out but didn't have any cold sores for the past 5 years. Suddenly, after a stressful week, I felt that familiar tingling yet painful feeling at the corner of my lips. Over the past few days, it has now erupted into a full-scale cold sore, something I haven't had in maybe 10 years.

The sad thing is, I doubt my boss believes that all my issues are probably stress-related. Sure, I always seem to be in a jolly mood and am usually responsive to stuff but that doesn't mean that I'm not stressed. I just absolutely abhor it when people throw tantrums when they're stressed (which I've seen a lot of) and so I dont wish to do the same to others. There is no point having a go at someone else when it's not their problem.

Sorry to rant on but I just wanted to get it off my chest.

And since my horoscope this morning said I should treat myself with a small reward, I took heed and bought something.... here it is:

** Photo taken from

This is Violet Dreamy Duchess headband from Cost me RM50 including shipping. I found this website while checking out Tongue in Chic, a local fashion blog that keeps the not-so-fashionable me up to date with the local fashion scene.

My justification for making this purchase:
1) I'm stressed
2) I really like all of Patty's headbands so this is my first purchase to assess the service and delivery time.
3) I want to do more in supporting local crafters, especially since I would like to try selling some of my own stuff in future. It's great to have a thriving market for these things.
4) I think the headband will go perfectly with my lilac bridesmaid dress for Sunny's wedding next weekend. The dress is super simple and so I hope the headband will dress it up.

Ah, feeling much better.


Priscilla said...

Yaaaaay cute headband! :D

Yeah, I know how you feel. I usually don't show that I'm stressed or anything, but when it gets a bit much, one nice long rant would make me feel better. The only time that hasn't worked was for last year's problem coursework >.>

Oh! I noticed that my body reacts to stress even when I emotionally don't really feel most of that stress. My face breaks out in pimples, and I think the new rash on my back is from stress from the dissertation. It most certainly isn't from an allergy to any new soaps. Ugh. But maybe the pimples are a result of eating more sugar, which was because I was stressed :P

Yeah, people who throw tantrums in public are so annoying. I feel embarrassed for them.

Take pics of the headband when you get it! :D

Petrina said...

Do you want any of the headbands too? Go check them out and tell me which one. Not many on sale now though....