Monday, 31 March 2008

Abeno Too pics from London.. finally

Long ago... my sister and her friend Mel went to Abeno Too in London for a meal and they'd sent me a review of it. She also promised to send over the pictures from that faithful day.

For the review, pls *click here*.

Don't the okonomiyaki look de-lish!? I suddenly have a craving for them. Perhaps I shall make a batch this weekend. I cant make them today unless I go grocery shopping at Isetan or any other supermarket that's decently stocked with Japanese food.

It's been a while since I last made this so perhaps I shd have an okonomiyaki party one day.. Invite ppl over, prepare all the ingredients and the batter, get some hotplates ready, and let everyone make their own! Sounds like a good plan.. Shen, shall we have an okonomiyaki party when you and Fatty get back?


Priscilla said...

Just to let you know that this time was when Patty, his 2 friends and I went to Abeno Too :P And it was on Valentine's Day! But no one had a camera, so I had to get them off a classmate whom I met there lol.

Oooooh okonomiyaki party!! Yay, sounds good, sounds good!!! We can also do a takoyaki party too then :D By the way, tell me when the takoyaki maker arrives, so I can leave feedback on eBay. Tell me how it is, too!!

Patty and I went to Chinatown on Saturday to get his hair cut, and to look for this thingy that you put into the rice before you cook it, and it turns out like flavoured rice with bits in it.. I remember you introduced me to it back when I first came to Concord! Yeah, we went to 3 different shops before giving up and going to Japan Center lol. We spent aLOT that day, plus there was also the fact that we went to Borough Market that morning!! :P

Of course, it wasn't fun that I fell really sick that night.. I had a sore throat, which gave me a headache, and I was so cold that wearing socks, a shawl and 2 blankets around me wasn't enough, and I was shivering violently all the time!! So I went to bed at like 11pm and slept till 3am when I woke up and panicked cos I still had coursework to do -___-"" But when I went downstairs to try and do work, I got the shivers all over again, so I went back to bed.

It seriously sucked that night :(