Wednesday, 2 April 2008

Foodie pics from March

I have just realised that I didn't post up these pics... and that they've been sitting in the pink laptop all this while.

Just got back from dinner at "our shop" in Kuchai. No we do not run the shop but we own the whole shoplot and have been leasing the ground floor out to Tian Tian Hot Wok Seafood for the past 10+ years. Their business is good, food is great.. typical Chinese "tai chow" stuff. Fabulous chilli crabs. Great la-la.

But this time we were there for another reason, they're closing... for good. Not because of anything really, just that they've been doing it for so many years and that they're just really tired from it all. Their last day is 15th April, following which we have new tenants moving in - selling Hakka yong tau fu.

The new tenant apparently already has 12 outlets around Klang Valley and our shop will be their 13th one. We're quite happy with that as most of our cars have 1s and 3s in the number plates. Will have to go try once they've opened and will definitely write a review!

So anyway, here are random food pics from this past month..

First up, this is my dad's char yuk with wantan mee, made for the RCIA folks who came over to help out with the candles and other things for the Easter baptism. This was served with Mom's pork stomach with pepper soup.

Next is my roast chicken from this Sunday. Marinated with mixed herbs from a bottle. I find it so convenient to just plonk a dollop of butter and a handful of the herbs on the chicken and smother. Then I inserted 2 slices of lemons under the skin of the chicken breast, squirted some lemon juice on the top and then stuffed the remaining part of the lemon in the cavity. No salt was necessary as I used salted butter and the mixed herbs thing had some salt in it too.

We also had cod fish for Sunday lunch. Pa pan fried it until crisp, then sprinkled salt and pepper on top. Simple and yummy.

Next are my muffin/cupcake attempts over the past couple of weeks. First here is my cheese and herb muffin which was a bit too salty. My mistake, I used salted butter. But hey, they looked not bad!

Next are my cornmeal muffins, from a pre-mix packet. Super easy, healthy and totally organic.

And finally, my successful blueberry muffins. I'm so happy I finally got the recipe, the oven temperature, the portions... all perfect! :) The very next day, I made another batch but substituted the blueberries with strawberries. Tasted great too!

Strawberries and freshly whipped cream, anyone?

I was bored one day while waiting for something in the oven to get baked... So I took a picture of my new skirt, bought at Club Med... totally beachy floor-length silk skirt. I call it my happy boho skirt.

As I said, I was waiting for whatever it was that was baking in the oven... Here's a pic of my dad's wine collection with me in the reflection. Shen, Pa is taking over the main fridge in the dry kitchen again.. My milk, Baileys and Sheridan have been moved to make way for his wine.

One randon meal attempt - hotpot with fishballs, prawn balls, tofu, veg and organic buckwheat millet noodles. Simple Sunday lunch.

And finally, my second tiramisu attempt. Was a bit too watery still this time and I've amended the recipe again so that it's not too watery now.

So, that's all... Good night!


Priscilla said...

*whines* hungrryyyyy.....

OH the muffin mold was heart-shaped!! I wondered why the blueberry muffins (in the pic you sent via MMS) were so... triangular and pointy :P