Wednesday, 23 April 2008

Knit update: I've finally bought yarn online!

Okay I know that you must think I live in the Stone Age or something since I've never bought yarn online. I just dont know why I haven't to be honest.

When I was in London, I did buy clothes online from Boden and surfed on eBay for interesting things. But since coming back to KL, just never did.. Of course it didn't help that internet at home was super-duper slow so I just didn't bother to log on!

Anyway, I bought I think 15 balls of yarn from Jimmy Beans Wool (one of the yarns I wanted initially was sold out so I changed to a different colour). I cant remember how much it all costs now and I haven't received the final bill from them. But I'm happy... Can't wait to get them. Hurray!

I also went back to Lily Handicraft in Sg Wang Plaza (I blogged about it previously) and bought yarn to make a scarf for my colleague Ellie.. She like wearing black most of the time in the office but I didn't want to give her something in that colour... yet I wanted something that she can use regularly.. The lady at Lily Handicraft suggested this lovely brown baby wool yarn, costing RM35.90 per ball. In fact, there was quite a selection of colours but I thought the brown was a really rich colour and would go well with pretty much any outfit.

I decided to do a simple lace knit, the same one I used for Suen's scarf but minus the border. And it's on a much tighter gauge so the pattern really shows up nicely. I must say, this yarn is one of the softest I have ever knitted with... so nice!! I've actually brought it to office. No, I wont knit in the office but instead, I'll knit on the way home while stuck in the jam... Multi-tasking I say. So if you see a mad woman knitting furiously at the traffic lights, it most likely will be me!

Okay, lunch break over... Ta~

p/s: Shen I have bad news.... or rather... traumatic news for myself. I went to the supermarket in Pavilion just now and passed by the place where Paul was supposed to open. They've changed it to another shop... Corningware I think. *sob* and I was so hoping that Paul was going to open and I can pig out on macaroons and tarts. :'(


Priscilla said...

O_O PAUL'S AIN'T OPENING?? Why not?! Did you get to ask anyone why they're not opening? *hopes they're only moving somewhere else* ;_;

Hehe, knitting in traffic is better than losing your temper over it!

Petrina said...

Well, I hv no clue if they ever will be opening here.

I told my colleagues about the knitting and driving thing. Prem has pre-warned me never to drive near his car. Muahahaha..