Wednesday, 16 April 2008

Bimbo talk time

This week feels so very very long. Time just drags on... Yes, it's one of those weeks.

I sit here today, wearing a lilac Alain Figaret shirt (bought a couple of months back from Gardens), my new Trucco black slacks and a cheapo but comfy pair of shoes I got at the Weld last month. Paired with our dark lilac Bottega Venetta pleated bag. How mundane.

Yesterday, I wore my white jacket from Blum in Singapore, pair with my new Trucco skirt (moss green with pink flowers) and Itto Otto pink flats. Paired with our Prada moss green bag.

I think yesterday seemed like a happier day just from what I wore. I suppose what you wear can really make a difference in our moods (the bimbo in me is talking here).

Now the analyst in me is talking... What is the common item in my 2 outfits?


Yes I have pretty much bought out whatever I liked from the Spring/Summer 08 season and my mom bought the remaining stuff if they were what she liked. So, there isn't much left in the shop for us to buy unless they bring in more new things that we like soon. How upsetting.

It doesnt help that this season's selection in Massimo Dutti, Zara, MNG, Coast and Ted Baker are not really my type.

And the most disappointing: Reiss. Honestly, I absolutely LOVE the brand. One of their Covent Garden outlets was a convenient 5 mins walk from my flat so it was a regular haunt of mine. And their skirts are always flattering for women with more curves than the skinnies of Malaysia (i.e. ppl like my sister and I). So when I saw that Reiss was opening at the Pavilion, I jumped for joy as that meant I wouldn't have to shop online or wait until my next London trip ever again!

Then the great disappointment came when I saw the first collection. Firstly, most of the things were old stuff. Then, out of all things they had last season (which I checked out in London last September), they brought the worst/ugliest items possible. It didn't help that orientation of the shop was not very nice either. Nor were the staff.

I get even more worked up talking about TopShop!

I love TopShop Oxford St.. ONLY the Oxford St store! 4 floors of great clothes and cheap prices (okay cheap in pounds but not quite so once converted back to RM). Am missing TopShop Unique, the vintage clothes and the abundant accessories. . Not available in TopShop Malaysia of course.

Okay enough venting... I shall be going back to London soon so all will be well, shopping-wise.

LV's new stuff
Speaking of shopping, Shen, Ma and I picked up her new custom-made LV bag yesterday! I cant remember what it's called now but it's basically a Speedy in the normal monogram which you personally choose what colour do you want as a strip in the middle of the bag. And then you also choose your initials that you want printed on. Ma thought of using "P.C." for our initials so that we can use it but then decided to use her own instead. (After all, it's her bag!).

The custom-made bag is by invitation only, ordered direct from Paris and our bag is the number 200-something one made in the whole world! Cool...

And LV has a new range out called the Tahitian. All beachy looking bags, shoes, scarf and they even have the beach towel!! Pa would think we're mad if we bought that! Anyway, we got one of the bags, the mint green one. I wanted either the pink or the lilac but we already have so many bags in those colours! I think it's so new that I cant find it online! But I did find the one we pre-ordered in Singapore and I collected in Jan. *click here*

Nigella's Living Kitchen collection
Since we are on the topic of shopping, here is what I noticed on Nigella's website yesterday! Hot red measuring cups, mixing bowls and service hands!! Shen, hurry and go buy them all for me! Actually, no... I think I'll buy them and get them sent to your flat. That way, you can use them for now and when I get there, I'll bring them back!

I checked the prices on to compare with the stuff we bought in Heals on Tottenham Court Rd last yr and they're the same. So we might as well just buy them now, get them sent to your doorstep and we saved ourselves a trip to Tott Ct Rd.

What say you, Shen? Shall we buy? Am also thinking of getting the mini colander, the piglets, the measuring jug... everything really!!

Okay... that's it... My headache still hasn't gone away... Ta..