Friday, 25 April 2008

OMG I bought more yarn

I know I know.. I've got loads to do at work.. I need to study for my exam... and so what on earth am I doing shopping online?!?!?

This is a rather prevailing trend in my family. When we are stressed, we shop. It happens with my mom and I see it happening to my sis and I.

(Shen, don't lie. I used to see the whole stream of emails from Ebay saying "You have bidded for XXXX" and "You have won XXXX". Just because I dont get those emails now doesnt mean we dont know how much you're buying over there!!)

So I happily come into office today, happy because it's a Friday and because I had my day planned out. Get the daily stuff done, finish and send out the end of week stuff, work on one financial model in the morning, do a little studying in the afternoon, pack up and go home early so that I can miss the jam and studying again at night. Simple.

Then my fingers got itchy and decided to click on a few knitting blogs. And I remembered the Plucky Knitter blog... she sells these really gorgeous yarn too so I thought I could buy some to try them out. I tried last week but somehow it didnt work so I decided to try again...

And bought 4 balls of yarn (at about US$20-25 a ball).. :D

I must say, HSBC is getting super duper efficient - they called me to confirm just as I was printing out my receipt!

Total cost was US$105.25 including shipping. I've figured that not only is it slightly cheaper buying online as opposed to the Sg Wang shop, it's also much cheaper buying from US sites with the weak dollar. The British pound is still going strong which makes it a pain everytime I convert it back to ringgit!

And to make me feel even happier, the yarn I bought from Jimmy Beans Wool should be on its way here!

In case you're wondering why the sudden urge to buy yarn, it's because I came across one blog a while where the person had a whole glass case FULL of yarn she hadn't used. And lots of WIPs too. So I figured that there is no such thing as too much yarn.

Here's how Im justifying my impulse purchase: My mom has her collection of bags, shoes, jewelry and clothes. My dad has his collection of wine and fancy Chinese herbs (Shen I will call you and tell you what Pa did last Sunday and how much he SPENT! Makes me feel a lot less guilty about buying things). Shen, you have your kimono collection. Patty has his music and games collection. So mine shall be yarn and moisturisers.

If you did not already know, my nickname at boarding school was Moisturiser Queen. I had, and still have, a whole collection of moisturisers. I love trying different types - face or body. Which reminds me, I have been meaning to do a review on beauty products.. Like what's the best day moisturiser, best sunscreen, best shower gel etc.. Coming soon..

Ta for now!

p/s: Shen, did you check out the link for that Chocolate Museum in Barcelona? I've also found a yarn shop not very far from our hotel. Muahaha...


Priscilla said...

I never said I wasn't buying kimono! I just never mentioned it :P There's a difference between lies and omission! But I've stopped buying excessively already. I think it was a good thing those emails were rerouted to my email so I know just how much I'm spending x_x"

I still haven't checked out the link yet x_x" Did you send it to me in an email or in a comment on my blog?