Wednesday, 9 April 2008

My accident-prone brother

After returning to Concord from a week's stay in London, my brother spent the remaining of his half term at Lake District, a popular holiday site in the UK.

There, he fell into a river fully-clothed and got all his electronics ruined. Hahaha... Now he's left alone and abandoned by his trusty iPod, camera and phone.

The only means of contacting the fellah is via email.

Here's his email to Shen telling her of his troubles:

The trip was great fun and everything, lots of beautiful sights, picturesque villages, wildlife blah blah blah...

Yesterday (i.e. Saturday) we went to a place called Aira Force Falls to go for a walk over the hills and, of course, see the waterfalls. Towards the end of the walk, we got to the falls and started to relax, having lunch an everything by the river. Suddenly, I found myself swimming, fully clothed, in a river. Fell in lol. Was sitting close to the edge and as was about to go get lunch, feet slipped on the slippery slate rocks and went into the river. Got pulled downstream for a few meters before stopping myself and looking up to see two of my friends joining me in the river as well hahah. We got pulled out in the end by some passer-bys (before going over the 8 foot falls, thankfully) and we were all smiling and laughing about it soon enough.

So that all worked out fine. Except when i tried all my electronics, my camera was dead, iPod's dead, and my phone's acting all funny, so can't use it and that's why i'm sending this e-mail instead. Just got back to Concord now, but not sure what to do. No phone to contact anyone at home, and even if I do, what do i say? :P ma n pa are so gonna kill me over this lol. At least 500 pounds worth of electronics spoilt there. And another thing to make it worse, i'm running low on cash again lol.

Hope your luck in London has been better than mine up North here.

Your bro,

Fatty, yes Ma and Pa know about it now. Shen forwarded your email to all of us. Muahahaha... How much money do you need me to send over to you?
And your phone has insurance, I'm very sure I paid for it!!

I was just thinking about it really... I've always been the one who gets injured or falls into something. Like the time I fell into the River Jordan while in Israel... It was really shallow water though so I just ended up with a sprained ankle and wet shoes. Hey, at least I can say my feet got baptised in the River Jordan!

Or the time I almost fell of the edge of the Grand Canyon. I was 12, was playing along the edges while our tour guide was busy explaining stuff.. and somehow I almost slipped.. Saw the rocks fall all the way down.

Or the time we had a snowball fight on the top of Mount Titlis in Switzerland. I was 13, we were again on a tour and there were a bunch of ppl my age. We decided to have a snowball fight and crossed the makeshift border that was set up. Again, another close call that would have seen me tumbling off the side of the mountain and rolling up into one giant snowball.

Yes I was a clumsy kid. Have stitches on my head and chin to prove it!