Friday, 2 May 2008

Review: The Eagle's Nest Steakhouse, Damansara Perdana

Restaurant: The Eagle's Nest Steakhouse
Address: Ground Floor, 1-1, Jln PJU 8/5D, Perdana Business Centre, Bandar Damansara Perdana, PJ
Tel: 03 7726 1120
Verdict: Still prefer Monte's any day.

Rommel had read about The Eagle's Nest on friedchillies and wanted to give it a try. Hey, if it says good steak at good prices, we're always up for it!

We headed there after Ascension Thursday mass last evening. Found the place pretty easily with its clearly lit signage. The simple decor with windows instead of walls was nice cos we could sit inside but still watch what was going on outside. We rather liked the ambience as it was not noisy at all (unlike in Monte's where you sometimes have to practically shout to get yourself heard). Only issue was the music they were playing was totally off.

Drinks first: I had a lime soda while Rommel ordered an iced lemon tea. My lime soda was really good and refreshing (and I was really thirsty so it helped). Rommel's iced lemon tea tasted homemade (i.e. I could taste the Lipton) but it wasn't very nice. Not enough lemon.

For starters, we ordered a mushroom soup and their escargots to share. The soup was extremely disappointing and tasted like the canned mushroom soup with added enoki mushrooms. My homemade mushroom soup tastes way better than that! The escargots were so-so. Not much taste to it actually and although yes, they were fresh and chewy, I prefer the Monte's escargots anytime.

(You'd have noticed that I keep comparing this place to Monte's because they are in the same price range and pretty similar food. Monte's has been in Bangsar Shopping Centre for years and is a firm family favourite for its steak, peppermint lamb, escargot and garlic bread. Great pastas too... **Mental note to myself to write a review on it soon**. Yay a reason to go there!)

For the main course, both of us had steaks: him the Tenderloin Natur which was supposed to be a favourite (costing RM45.90) and me the Steak Americana (RM52.90).

I have more complaints than compliments, unfortunately:
1) We asked for the steaks to be cooked medium but both came out slightly overdone - sort of like medium well already.
2) Rommel's steak was simple with no sauce but mine came with the chef's homemade bearnaise sauce. I felt the sauce lacked character... it was rather bland. And there was way too much sauce. My dad would have complained until the cows come home if someone served him that much sauce with a steak. I should have asked for the sauce to be on the side.
3) Also, another thing on the steaks... The Taste.. We both think the meat tasted like local beef instead of imported beef. Very much like the Fogal meats in the Gardens. Just had a slightly musky taste.
4) The accompanying salad was rather weird.. There was some sourish coleslaw at the bottom with canned corn and some lettuce leaves.
5) We also ordered a side of oyster mushrooms stir fried in garlic butter. Way too oily and I think they should have just added a touch of truffle oil or something to give it a boost.
6) BUT, some hope... The garlic bread was really nice.. That's cos the bread was fresh and really light. The garlic butter used for the bread was nothing great though. Again, I still prefer the one in Monte's.

Needless to say, I doubt we will be going back anytime soon. Or rather, if we so happen are back in that area for a meeting or whatever and are thinking of a place to have a quick meal, then maybe we'll eat there.

My dad was right again (even though he wasn't even there to try it!). He'd already warned that it's always best to stick to the tried and tested, i.e. Monte's.

Here's a map if anyone's interested anyway.