Wednesday, 14 May 2008

The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian - the drama

The SFX youth group organised a fund-raising pre-screening of The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian last night. The tickets cost RM30 and was in aid of their upcoming trip to The World Youth Day in Sydney and was held at the MidValley GSC.

A pre-screening is well... you get to watch the movie at the cinema before the movie's official release (which happens to be tomorrow). You'll be amazed how so many people don't understand the idea of a pre-screening. (or think they do but in fact have no idea)

My mom bought out a whole cinema hall for clients, family and friends. So we had to be there early to sort out the food and drinks and door gifts which we had purchased for our guests. It was pretty funny though because there were other halls also for the pre-screening and so there were obviously other people who were there. Everyone seemed to think that we were giving out free F&B to everyone and wanted them. spent time shooing people away (nicely of course).

And then there were people who had no clue about the strict rule on no camera mobile phones, no recording devices, PDAs, laptops etc... And those people got upset that they were "harrased" by cinema staff and the authorities... and then start screaming at me for no particular reason. How unreasonably rude..

And then there were those who were late. Obviously, we didnt have that many door gifts so if you were late, your fault. And my family didn't have seat numbers as preference was given to guests and we were supposed to allow the guests to be seated and we go find any empty seats available.

I only entered after the movie started and found 4 seats in a row with good view. Thinking that those people most likely didn't bother to show up, my parents, Rommel and I sat there. It was also a great seat to look out for latecomers so that we could usher them to their seats.

A couple walks in like 15 mins into the show and demand that those were their seats. My parents graciously gave their seats up and moved to sit right in front. About 20 mins later, a girl comes in and seemed to know the couple. Apparently, we were sitting in her seats. I was cool with that, after all, we were supposed to let our guests sit first. Then the old man (I cant even bear to give him the respect of calling him uncle) starting scolding me, saying, "Where exactly are your seats? Why are you sitting on other people's seats??" in an extremely patronising way.

Now, even my dad doesn't speak to me in such a tone. The old man had the gall to accuse me of doing something I never had the intention to do! And to top it off, it's not like he was paying for the tickets! My mom paid for the whole thing. How dare he demand for more.. especially when all of this was done in the name of charity!?!?

In fact, the tickets are usually sold for free seating, so it usually is a first come, first served basis. My mom had personally gone through the trouble of allocating the seats for our guests so that there would not be conflicts.

So, my mood was pretty much spoilt by all these rude, unreasonable and extremely depressing people.

On the movie, loved it. Then again, I always like fairy tale and magic stories, myself having grown up on Enid Blyton books as a child. We actually have a copy of the Chronicles, my sister's present from Aunty Regina and family many a year ago. I know my sis and bro have read the whole thing, but I have never found time to read it. I went home and found the book last night and have started on the first few pages.

I'm not going to spoil the movie by spilling any beans, though.

Shen, can we get a pet lion who looks like Aslan?


Priscilla said...

*SCREAMS* LET'S GET A LION CUB AND NAME HIM ASLAN!!!! Nyehehehe... *sneaks off to the zoo to get one* :3 Nyuu!

Ooooh I hadn't any idea the movie was out!! *shrieks* I can't wait to watch it!! *goes off to check Odeon* :3 I love love LOVE Narnia~ I think you'll like it too! It's better written than Harry Potter and has a more "childhood story" feel to it. The way CS Lewis writes kinda gives it an "Enid Blyton" feel. Maybe it's the time period in which they wrote the books that influences their written language?

I've already read the whole book 3 times, but I feel like reading it again when I go home in the summer!

Yeah, I usually hate it when Ma's gifts to clients are cinema tickets. It's very hard to arrange things like that, and everyone's almost always rude. Oh well..

Priscilla said...

Ahhh crap. It'll only be out on June 26th here. NOOOOOO ;_; Hey, maybe you could come watch it a second time with me and Patty then?

Julian Si said...

Was reading about the rude patrons at the cinema, tsk tsk .. "HOW RUDE!" as Jar Jar Binks from Star Wars would say!!

Thanks again for visiting my blog ... I must try the Char K Teow at Champ's!