Sunday, 18 May 2008

Sleepy Sunday and Audrey's Baby Shower

What a relaxing day it was today. Simply because tomorrow's a holiday! (Wesak Day)
And we went for evening mass yesterday so since we didn't have to wake up early, it felt even more like a holiday!

Woke up ard 11am, wanted to go Midvalley. Got in the carpark and found too many cars circling around so my dad got impatient. Got out and headed to Bangsar Village instead. We walked around BV and bought quite a bit of things at House of Presentation. Shen, I got new baking pans - a square cake pan and a round one and a tart pan - all with loose bottoms so for easy removal after baking!

I also finally got a nice proper grater.... and a wooden spoon cos we couldnt seem to find ANY wooden spoons in the house the other day... And some ladles..

We wanted to eat at Reunion cos Pa is still not feeling well and wanted porridge but it was packed! They said we had to wait 20mins or so... We headed for Chatterbox instead.

Bumped into quite a few people... Aunty Lena and family.. Jeff and family (client)... and an ex-colleague of Mom's. I guess more people are opting for BV instead of MV nowadays.

I also bought some ciabatta, foccacia and brioche together with some bacon and ham for tomorrow's breakfast. We'll be having the sandwiches with rocket leaves, sauteed mushrooms and yummy cheddar.

I managed to do some studying in the afternoon and later also went to get my haircut at Hair Atelier in Tmn Desa. Shen, FYI, Florence is 8 mths preggers now so by the time you and Fatteh come back in July, she'll most likely be on her maternity leave. Perhaps you guys shd try this place out. I went there with Ma today and she also got both her normal hair and her wig washed. Haha.. She also has to look for an alternative when Florence isn't around. And it's great cos this place is near home!

While I was studying, Ma was in Aunty Sam's house for Audrey's baby shower. Here is the doorgift they gave everyone. So cute! I put my camera lens cover to show how small the cupcakes were..

Ta... Back to knitting and then sleeping. So happy tomorrow's a holiday.


Priscilla said...

Oooh oooh, get some ramekins too! Nyehehe.. Yeah I know how irritating wooden spoons are. A few weeks ago, I couldn't find any wooden spoons in the flat, so I popped out to Waitrose to get one. Two days later, the missing wooden spoons suddenly popped out of nowhere -___-"

Seems like everyone's preggers these days o_O" I didn't know Florence was married! Hehehe and da cupcakes are cuuuute~