Friday, 9 May 2008

Steak sandwich for breakfast, anyone?

Rommel and I headed to Bangsar Shopping Centre this evening for dinner. We wanted to try this "typical English pub" that we'd read about. I think it was called George and Brown or something like that. Sorry.. Can't remember the name now but all I know was we got there and it was pretty full of people. There were some empty tables but all were reserved.

They wanted us to sit by the bar but the thing was, I was there to eat, not really to drink (still recovering so won't wanna touch alcohol just yet). I refused, and so we left.

Ended up at Alexis Bistro, one place we haven't been for ages. My family used to frequent the Telawi Alexis years ago... My mom liked their Sarawak laksa and we liked their cakes too. For old times' sake, I had the laksa but was really disappointed.. Not nice at all. Rommel's mushroom risotto was quite nice, especially with the drizzle of truffle oil but Rommel said he'd still go back to Paradiso. I figured, the next time we go to Paradiso, I bring a small vial of truffle oil to add onto the risotto. Perfect!

Anyway, since we were at BSC, I had to do some grocery shopping. Bought loads of stuff back as usual... but the most interesting of all were... grapples! "Looks like apple, tastes like grape.." It sure smells like those grape gummies Fatteh was addicted to as a child! Have yet to taste it so will comment later..

Also planned tomorrow's meal... I bought ingredients for a steak sandwich so that we could have it for lunch but my dad's off to the KL Convention Centre tmrw for some exhibition so we're having it for breakfast instead. We're having pan fried thin beef fillets with baby spinach, sliced cheddar, sauteed mushrooms and caramelised onions (optional) sandwiched between 2 slices of fresh ciabatta smothered with mustard and toasted through on our panini maker. Can't wait to take pictures!

I also bought strawberries and blueberries.. and frozen puff pastry... Am thinking of making strawberry pie and blueberry muffins. We'll see. I'm supposed to study 2 hours in the morning before I can bake anything. Self-imposed rule! Hope it works...

And since I have made myself hungry thinking about tomorrow's meals, and after a disappointing dinner, I leave you with Max Chin's pepper-crusted steak with mushroom ragout, onto which I added a full piece of pan-fried foie gras. Yum...