Tuesday, 17 March 2009

Piggin' Out: Champs, Centrepoint Bandar Utama

Restaurant: Champs
Address: Lot F-10, 1st Floor, Centre Point Shopping Centre, Lebuh Bandar Utama
Tel: 603-7722 5800
*Definitely not halal*

Just wanted to post pictures from my favourite place to have chee yoke mee (pork noodles).

*drooling at the amount of crispy pork lard**

And Rommel, without fail, will always order the Black Worm Noodles (aka Hokkien Mee).

If my mom is with us, she'll order the chee yoke mee. Then, my next alternative is the char kuey teow...

*yum* Simply lovely. I feel like running over just to get my dose but I'm not even hungry since I just had a really heavy meal (I took pics so that's another post to come).


Priscilla said...

;________; food.. FOOD... FOOD!!

If I weren't having period cramps, I'd be really hungry for all of that. I miss hokkien mee!!!!

thenomadGourmand said...

hihi.. droppin by,checkin ur comments on this plc..since I'm goin tonite. (seems good hor the food..)

Petrina said...

Hi thenomadGourmand, hope you enjoyed the food there! :)