Monday, 25 January 2010

Fabulous Sugar Doll Award!

Thank you very much, my namesake, Petrina for this award! We found each other on Ravelry and realised we have so much in common (including the fact that she used to attend the same church in KL). It's been fun reading your shopping exploits (I know I have my fair share of stories to tell too and I should!) and your knit FOs!

8 things about me. Hmmm...
1) I'm very organised and make to-do lists for everything. I mean everything! Just ask those close to me. Must be the Virgo qualities in me.

2) With my impeccable organisational skills, I'm the family de-facto tour coordinator. I plan all our trips and print copies of our travel schedule for everyone with way too much detail.

3) I cry very easily. My good friends from my uni days can attest to this. I cry at sappy movies, when I lose things, when I get upset with someone. They once tried to "train" me to cry at will. I succeeded.

4) I love good food. Duh!

5) I wish I could work for a knitwear company/designer.

6) My other wish is to have my own knit cafe filled with yummy cakes, cushy sofas and loads of yarn.

7) I love holidays (which is also why I'm the defacto tour leader).

8) My fear of water was the reason why I took up scuba-diving, I tried to get rid of that fear. Then I realised it was the fear of the unknown that I had - I dont like not knowing what's lurking beneath me. That explains why I refuse to do night dives.

I've decided not to nominate anyone... Not because I dont have people in mind. I need to get back to work!