Monday, 7 January 2008

Restaurant review: Angus Steak House, Pavilion KL

Restaurant: Angus Japanese Steak House
Cuisine: Japanese-style western food
Address: 6th Floor, Pavilion KL
Tel: +603 2145 6015/6
Verdict: We took my parents there after our first visit since my brother really enjoyed his wagyu tenderloin.. Worth going to.. Wagyu is never cheap but then again, anything that tastes as good as their melt-in-your-mouth beef ought to be expensive.

You get a choice of either taking the set or a la carte. I'd suggest the set cos its worth it and the portions are not that big, despite the fact that it is a 5-course meal.

Firstly: you get a choice of bun n butter or rice - they will serve the rice together with the beef. My mom loved the bun so much that she asked for another.

First course: lightly pan fried cod with braised veg. Nice and light. Perfect prelude to the steak.

Next course: Soup of the day - for the 2 times we've been there, it was carrot soup, which tasted like it had pumpkin in it but we couldnt make sure.

3rd course: Salad with bonito flakes and a light balsamic dressing.

Finally, the steak....

Below is Shen's Tornado steak - normal tenderloin with beef bacon wrapped around it and accompanied by a mushroom sauce. She didnt want the set that day so her meal was about RM50+.

Next, Patrick's wagyu tenderloin - with the set it cost us RM260 for this 250g chunk. On our second time there, I took this but the 200g cut - cost RM220.

Rommel had the normal ribeye 200g (below) which was really good too but paled in comparison to my wagyu tenderloin (also 200g, the following pic). But of course there was the price difference... His cost RM87 for the set while mine was RM200. Like I always say, what you pay is what you get. We purposely ordered different ones cos we wanted to see if the difference was really evident or not.. It definitely was..

Dessert came last of course - tiramisu.. a teaser though since its a small portion but after the other 4 courses, it's just nice..

Angus also has pastas too, which Evelyn tried on our second trip there - she had Abalone and Salmon Roe pasta - again the Japanese influence is pretty evident.

Worth going, I think..

Note: All steaks were cooked to medium cos that's how we like it and it came out just right.

Tip: You really need a good bottle of red wine to complete the meal. The first time we went, we didnt bring our own bottle and I didnt want to take the house wine - didnt sound interesting. But they do have a pretty decent selection of wines (my dad's comments). Anyhow, a glass of red wine or two is perfect with the meal.