Friday, 18 January 2008

Glorious ham - courtesy of Aunty Rubyann

We have always known that Aunty Rubyann was a great cook. But Shen and I remember the first time we tried her ham.. This was when they were still living in the old place, before they moved to the current house. We visited with the parents for Xmas and the two of us were practically stuck to the food table munching on ham all night!! At the end of the night, Aunty gave us the remaining bits of ham to take home, which we happily accepted. YUM..

So whenever Shen and Pat come back, we are always kinda thick-skinned and ask her if she could make it for us. One of the key things with this dish is that it is difficult to get a good cut of gammon to make it. This Christmas, this was our Christmas present from Aunty.. best present ever I'll say. My dad planned it so that for the dinner after we got the ham, all we had was ham sandwiches - with some rocket and salad leaves and a slice of cheese, toasted using the panini maker I brought back from London.Random pic of the fireworks at Midvalley on New Year's Eve.. I got a great view of it from my home since we're on top of a hill.