Friday, 25 January 2008

New restaurant to try: The Yogitree, Gardens at Midvalley

Restaurant: The Yogi tree
Place: F237-B, 1st Floor, Gardens at Midvalley
Tel: +603 2282 6163

Walked past this restaurant while in Gardens last night. Looks interesting but one can never be sure until one has tried the food!

Someone from the restaurant noticed Rommel and I peeking at their menu and gave us a card which gives us a 15% discount on our first visit. Here are the highlights listed on the card:

  • Full English Breakfast (RM28) - Am not too sure how nice can this be without proper pork sausages, proper black pudding and good freshly brewed English Breakfast tea. But, the picture looks good!
  • Duck and Pear Salad (RM20)
  • Tagliatelle Carbonara (RM19)
  • Steak Sandwich (RM26)
  • Nasi Lemak (RM19)
  • Kampung Laksa (RM19)
  • Scones - served fresh at 4pm. I forgot to check if they serve it with clotted cream or just normal cream. It can never be authentic if not served with clotted cream. Best clotted cream I've tasted in this part of the world: The Fullerton High tea buffet. Check out my previous entry on this.
Am hoping to find time this weekend to try.. Perhaps will head to Gardens again. I cant really think of what to eat at Gardens anymore. Have tried most of the places there or have not bothered to try places which have branches elsewhere like Alexis, Chinoz, Italiannies etc..


Sally said...

Yes, I agree with you, pork sausages are a must! We had 6 sumptous mornings of the complete bacon(2 thick slices)+ farm eggs(2 sunny side up)+ mushrooms+sausages(2)in Wales recently.I could do with one this morning...