Wednesday, 16 January 2008

A short note... busy day.. I'm tired

I think the title pretty much says it. Been really busy at work cos of our conference. I finally have some spare time now as Im burning data into CDs, my brain isnt really functioning well and I dont want to do anything else right now..

I got home ard 9.30pm last night.. Rommel and I then went for dinner at Kajitsu Nihon Ryori, a Japanese restaurant nearby to my house. I had a Nabeyaki Udon (not too bad, something any restaurant cant screw up) while Rommel had the Sashimi Moriawase (quite sad and tired looking, but then again, you cant compare it to the likes of Kampachi, Wasabi Bistro, Gonbei or Iketeru).

I couldnt sleep after such a late dinner so I knitted a few rows before turning off the lights. Really should post an update on my lilac top but it's going so so slow. Hopefully I get to do more knitting while in Singapore next week..

Anyway, I'm hungry.. Gonna eat some cake! Ta..