Thursday, 24 January 2008

Level 1 down, 2 more to go

I just realised that I forgot to mention this morning that I passed my exam! Got my results yesterday but the website was really slow to upload so I only managed to check this morning.

I first started blogging during the 2 weeks of leave I took to study for this exam.. Hehe.. Shows that a little bit of blogging didnt have a negative impact on my studies.

To celebrate, Rommel and I went to Yuzu at the Gardens cos I wanted somewhere casual, where I didnt need to dress up or put any make up on (I'm really tired today). Our dinner:

  • We had a sashimi set of toro, salmon and hamachi...
  • Then a tuna tataki dish which wasnt on the menu but recommended by our waitress... Not too bad but Im not sure if I'll order it again..
  • Next was the wagyu saikoro steak.. quite good but I prefer the wagyu saikoro don which comes with the beef on top of rice.
  • And we ordered the Hokkaido nabe - a nice hotpot of veg and seafood in miso stock - as the finale... I've always liked this. Nice, simple, light.

A small note to Yee Leng: Yes yes we shd meet up! Let me know when you're free!

I would also like to add that my lilac top is in good progress for the front portion. Next is to do the back..

Good night. I was so tired in the afternoon that even a cup of strong Aik Cheong coffee didnt help. Time to get some zzzzzzzzz....