Thursday, 24 January 2008

Sad past 2 weeks...

So weird.. over the past 2 weeks, 2 actors whose careers I've followed since my tween years have suddenly passed away.

The first was Brad Renfro, who passed away at home in LA last week. Then yesterday, I heard on TV of Heath Ledger's passing which again is very much a shock. Lots of "theories" have emerged regarding both their deaths but nothing confirmed as yet.. So, not speculation on my part, just sadness for their family's losses.

Anyhow, I am back in KL. Same ol same ol..

To answer Jen's comment on where else to shop in Singapore, well, you can usually stick to the usual Takashimaya-Atria-Paragon area and still find decent things to buy.

I used to really like the Heeren cos they have pretty funky stuff and there's a couple of local Singaporean designers who have their collections in there. I say used to because Heeren's main target market are teens so sometimes I find the stuff a bit too "young" or too "Sg Wang" for me. BUT, you can still get really nice and unique things in there.

On our trip to SG last Christmas, we found a shop in Hitachi Tower called "Blum". They have outlets elsewhere too but I've only been to this one since its really near the Fullerton where we stayed. Great suits and evening dresses..

Jen, are you back in KL or something?? Let me know!!

To my sis, Shen, yes I went back to Blum again.. I bought 3 suits, Ma bought 4 huge bags full of suits (I couldnt count how many). Needless to say, we bought a lot. Okay will see how are we gonig to send the stuff over to you.

Okay best to get back to work! Busy busy!


YeeLeng said...

hey babe! i'm back! Been back for about a week now and I really think we should meet up! LOL! We live soo close by..BUT hardly soon soon k darling? Missing ya! *muaks* xOxO